Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Announcing: A Miracle Production (AMP)

A Miracle Production (AMP) produces and promotes bands, concerts and festivals with a focus on economic and environmental sustainability.

Shekeyna Black launches (AMP) with bang! She brings nearly three decades of expertise in Entertainment Business to the world forum as a way of bringing awareness to important issues via the arts!

Ms. Black has been diligently working for her Miracle Marketing clients by placing posters and fliers for various events and service providers. She has been working with venues and building a roster of talent for (AMP).

Passionate about live music, theater and dance, Shekeyna gives a voice towards making the world a better place by cultivating community in all her endeavors.

(707) 529 -0816

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Digital Channel Integration for Entertainment Business Industry Professionals

Entertainment Business leaders and entrepreneurs would be hard-pressed not to see the benefits of an effective Digital Marketing Campaign. Integrating digital channels into the overall marketing campaign is essential in this day and age of online communications. Organizations and private business owners need to define, design, and implement a cohesive digital strategy. Logistics and risk-assessment are key components when evaluating the company’s measurable business objectives. Digital channels need to be coordinated in the various areas of branding, marketing, PR, lead generation, and sales. 

Researching and comparing various Digital Marketing Campaigns launched by established companies can be helpful to start-up businesses. The Pro’s and Con’s of online technologies and communications are an ongoing part of evaluation. Let’s take for example, two mega-brands’; Starbucks and BP Oil to further understand the value and impact of digital marketing. Each corporation utilized similar digital platforms; although be it, in very different ways. Alexandra Wheeler, the Director of Digital Strategy at Starbucks presented a lecture on Social Media Influence 2010. She emphasized, in regards to a successful digital marketing campaign, to “Be authentic to the brand and honor the brand” (Wheeler, 2010). She also discusses the importance of keeping content fresh and where possible, interactive.

Conversely, BP primarily set out to do damage control in an effort to squelch negative publicity after its monumentally disastrous gulf oil spill on April 20, 2010. (Note: coincidentally, it occurred two days before the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day; in which communities come together to share awareness and celebrations centered around environmental issues). BP used social media as part of a larger PR campaign. According to an article entitled, 5 Digital PR Lessons from BP's Oil Spill Response, This spill has changed the way communicators will plan for and execute strategies around crises of all kinds. New questions are being asked and long-held assumptions are being challenged” (Capstick, July 12, 2010). The most significant of the top five lessons from BP’s online post-disaster presence is to, “Consider the ethics of social channels” (Capstick).
Here is a snapshot of the official website in which the readers can draw their own conclusions:

BP Press Release November 2, 2010

Entertainment Business leaders can learn from both examples of these Digital Marketing Campaigns. Currently, there are seven key Digital channels. They are as follows: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search/Pay-Per- Click Advertising, Promotion/PR, Digital Advertising, Social Media and Viral Marketing, Email Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. According to Digital Marketing expert, Charles Everett, “Effective digital marketing campaigns utilize a wide range of desktop and mobile technologies to enable social interactions and encourage specific consumer behaviors” (Full Sail University, 2010).  Let’s look at three specific digital channels for Entertainment Business industry professionals to use in their digital campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing – is a reward system for Strategic Alliance Partners to create mutually beneficial advertising campaigns.

Social Media and Viral Marketing – takes old-fashioned guerrilla marketing to a new level by connecting people within various online platforms. Accordingly, “Platforms will describe the various technologies and providers within each channel. Social networking and Facebook (a social networking provider) describe a particular platform within the Social Media channel” (Everett, 2010).

Email Marketing – can be individual and/or large-scale outreach, typical examples include both e-newsletters and e-blasts. The Business Partnerships and Community Rentals Department at Wells Fargo Center for the Arts just launched its first email marketing campaign as part of its ongoing branding efforts.

Strategic direction planning and monitoring are important tools for Entertainment Business professionals. Leadership responsibilities need to include measureable Key Performance Indictors (KPIs) that determine whether or not a particular digital marketing campaign is a success.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Entertainment Business Marketing Experts take note; Digital Marketing is here to stay!

Marketing experts in entertainment business need to incorporate innovative, cutting-edge technologies into their Digital Marketing Plans. It is imperative in this day and age, with the advent and ascension of Social Media, for entertainment business industry professionals to stay competitive. Digital Marketing has transformed the way those who direct marketing campaigns funnel their advertising efforts and dollars. One of the fastest growing areas of digital media is video content both on the desktops as well as on mobile devices. Digital marketers in the Entertainment Business industry should consider using video in their digital advertising campaigns as a way to create engaging content for viewers/consumers.

Let’s compare two digital marketing campaigns in the Entertainment Business industry that incorporate video.

Full Sail University wisely utilizes video components in its website as part of its digital marketing campaign.

Wells Fargo Center for the Arts has a sporadic online video presence.

Each video is effective in its own way. The video for Full Sail University is a great example of a digital marketing campaign. Creatively speaking, by using interesting graphics combined with enthusiastic actors portraying Full Sail students, the video content scores an A+ in my book. The call to action is subtle as the viewer watches the two students pull down the “screen” which displays the contact information for

The video for Wells Fargo Center for the Arts is really a commercial for a Kathy Griffin show that took place at the venue a few years ago. The video clip alludes to another show that was videotaped previously at the Center for the Bravo network. The call to action within the video tells viewers how to purchase tickets. can benefit from a regular and consistent video component as part of its digital marketing campaign. Featuring upcoming shows, as well as patron “testimonials” in addition to other aspects of the non-profit arts center; such as, the opportunities within the Business Partnerships and Community Rentals department and telling the story of the 30,000+ schoolchildren who attend live performances each year can help reinforce the brand identity.

Entertainment Business industry professionals need to understand the importance of an effective digital marketing campaign and take steps to keep content fresh in order to engage consumers. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for digital marketing campaigns are both the number of clicks and also the amount of time each unique user spends on a website.

The BUSINESS of Entertainment Business

The Entertainment Business industry is varied and multi-dimensional. Personally and professionally, I prefer the aspect of live music within the industry. I have been honored to work for nearly 12 years at the première performing arts venue north of the San Francisco Bay area called Wells Fargo Center for the Arts. The mission of this renowned non-profit arts center is to “Enrich. Educate. Entertain. Connecting our Community through the Arts.” The website is

I am near completion of an Entertainment Business Master of Science degree from prestigious Full Sail University, a leader in education within the industry. Here is a link to the website for more information: Upon completing graduate school, I hope to advance my career preferably at my current place of employment.

Additionally, I want to start a business in the industry based on my business plan that I have been working on at Full Sail University for the Entertainment Business Master of Science degree. The business plan is for my company called A Miracle Production (AMP) The parent company that I have been running for many years is called Miracle Marketing whose website is

The importance of a professional network to entrepreneurs in entertainment business is vital. For example, it was because of a course assignment for the Entertainment Business program that I had the opportunity to interview Catherine Enny of Guerrilla Management. One of the famous bands she manages is Michael Franti & Spearhead. The band’s website is I appreciate and value the importance of networking with others in the industry.

Digital media is on the cutting-edge of shaping the way people conduct business and market products and services. Three ways that professionals in the Entertainment Business industry can use digital media to help kick-start their careers are to 1) develop and maintain a strong social media presence, 2) research innovations in the field, and 3) apply those innovations to enhance their own business or improve the organization in which they work.